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Spring Back Stump Stand

Spring Back Stump Stand

A stump stand, often referred to as a bench pin stand or stump vise, is a tool commonly used in jewelry making and metalworking. It consists of a sturdy wooden or metal base with a protruding vertical post, and it serves as a support system for various jewelry-making tasks. Here’s an overview:

  • Construction:

    • The base of the stump stand is typically heavy and stable to provide a secure foundation for work. It may have a non-slip surface to prevent movement during use.
    • The vertical post is often made of wood and can be adjusted in height to accommodate the jeweler’s or craftsman’s comfort and the specific task at hand.
  • Bench Pin Attachment:

    • At the top of the vertical post, there is a slot or attachment point for a bench pin. The bench pin is a flat, usually wooden, surface that extends over the work area, providing support for sawing, filing, and other jewelry-making tasks.
  • Versatility:

    • Stump stands are versatile tools used for various jewelry-making techniques, including sawing, filing, soldering, and stone setting.
    • They may also include additional features, such as holes for holding tools or organizing supplies.
  • Adjustability:

    • Some stump stands allow for the adjustment of the bench pin height, providing flexibility for different tasks and user preferences.
    1. Benefits:

      • The stump stand stabilizes the workpiece, allowing for greater precision during intricate jewelry work.
      • It helps reduce fatigue by providing a comfortable and ergonomic work setup for the jeweler or craftsman.

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  • Spring Back Feature (If Applicable):

    • If “Spring Back” is a specific feature related to the stump stand, it might refer to a mechanism that allows for easy height adjustment or a flexible support system that gives slightly during certain tasks.
    • This could be a feature designed to absorb some of the impact or pressure applied during sawing or filing, providing a more user-friendly experience.